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Open Garden Days
1:00 - 5:00 pm
Sundays & Mondays
June 9 thru July 15
Directions to this Location

Our 2013 catalog is dedicated to our dear friends Elisabeth Fulkerson McEwen (1913-2012) and Tom Cornell (1937-2012). Elisabeth was a gracious and welcoming woman who loved opening her home and making every visitor to Seaways Gardens feel special.

  The McEwen's
Dr. Currier McEwen and Elisabeth Fulkerson McEwen


Tomís spontaneous visits to our gardens during bloom season were a welcome delight. He was often accompanied by family and at other times by friends carrying paintbrushes and easels. Tom always had a story to tell or his latest ideas to share. His interpretation of the gardens expressed magic that was always present but not always seen.

This year we are adding to our open garden dates, our gardens will be open Sundays and Mondays from 1-5 pm (June 9 thru July 15). We hope the flexibility of a month of Sundays and Mondays will give you opportunities to see early, midseason and late blooming iris. We've scheduled our annual plant pick up and end of the season sale on Sunday, August 25 from 1-5 pm.

Please join us early in July to view the blossoming of John Whiteís most recent seedlings. Among them are three new seedlings from Johnís work for yellow. We hope you will help us with our selection process by casting a vote for your favorite seedling. We have many seedlings but none ready to introduce in 2013.

After ten years of enriching and resting the soil around our pond, we created new beds to hold selections of Japanese iris from Russia. Located in the same area, you will find Sharonís seedlings developed by using pollen from Russian selections with modern ensatas. We are particularly excited to share these new cultivars. .

With the positive identification of Winter Moth in Harpswell in the spring of 2012 we were challenged to understand this invasive pest and to develop a strategy that would enable us to continue to offer our irises to you. While the winter moth does not affect irises, the pupa could accidentally be transported out of the nursery in soil. Therefore:

All irises ordered will be washed until free of soil.
They will then be shipped bare root
Planted in sterile pro mix and grown on for you to pickup.

In the spring, when the larva are crawling and eating the leaves of hardwoods, blueberries and apples; our containerized iris will be kept in a screened shelter to keep the larva from the soil in containers and thus avoid infestation by winter moth pupa. The soil will be washed from plants dug later in the season. They will then be planted in sterile pro mix and stored safely in open areas, since the winter moth will no longer be moving but will be pupating in the soil until it emerges as a moth in the fall.

We are grateful for the help and guidance of Ann Gibbs, State Horticulturist, Maine Department of Agriculture, and Charlene Donahue, Maine Forest Entomologist. Below is a direct link to the winter moth webpage and the sign-up for the Maine Forest Service Pest Conditions Reports:

Our gardening work often takes us away from the nursery but you are always welcome to visit with the flowers. If you would like to talk with us or order irises (other than on open garden days) please phone or email us in advance to arrange a convenient time to visit so that we may greet you. Garden tours are usually scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Thank you for your continuing support of our efforts here at Eartheart Gardens: growing healthy Irises and bringing the pleasure of their beauty to you.

Happy Gardening,

Sharon and the garden crew

For your convenience  we offer payment by credit card through the use of the PayPal system. It is not necessary for you to have a  PayPal  account to use this system, but some people choose to join.  It allows those who want to use credit cards that convenience.