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Sharon Whitney: Nina Alexeeva

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2012 Introductions

Iris ensata “Nina Alexeeva’: (03/16/33), diploid, 28”, VE-E, 3 falls

This is the first selection from Iris ensata grown on from the 2003 seed collection work of Nina Alexeeva. You can read about Nina’s trip to the Khanka Lake Region of Eastern Russia in the fall 2006 issue of SIGNA (#77). The flower’s remarkable light cream colored signal earmarked it for introduction. The signal is (RHS 155 A) with streaks of (RHS 150 C) extending to the area under the style arms. Underside of falls is (RHS 150 C). The dark purple-violet falls and standards, darker than (RHS 86A), are typical of Iris ensata growing wild in this region. Style arms offer a nice contrast, darker than falls and standards.

Comparison of typical ensata signal and Nina Alexeeva’s signal.