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News:  2012

In 2003 Nina Alexeeva collected seeds from the wild in 9 regions of Eastern Russia.  An account of her adventures entitled “Irises in Primorje” was published in the fall 2006 SIGNA bulletin #77. Nina sent ensata seeds to Jim Waddick who in turn sent them on to Jill Copeland in Michigan (Zone 5), Phil Cook in Vermont (Zone 4) and Sharon Whitney in Maine (Zone 5). Each of the three recipients grew on the seeds and later made selections: the earliest blooming flower, a 6 fall flower and a flower with cream-colored signals.  The ensata with cream-colored signals has been named and introduced as ‘Nina Alexeeva.’

At the request of the botanical gardens these three selections were sent to Ms Xiao Yue YUE from the Shanghai Botanical Garden and to Dr. Nina Alexeeva at the Komarov Botanical Institute RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia.  It is an honor to have our seedlings included in their collections.  Our thanks go out to Jim Waddick for his direction and help with the project.  Late summer of 2011 over 200 seedlings, crosses of the cream signal ensata selection by modern hybrids were planted here at Eartheart Gardens.

For your viewing pleasure we continue to grow all of the McEwen Siberians in our display beds. We sell OUR favorite McEwen Siberians as well as selections of other hybridizers in order to offer you a collection of Siberians complimentary to our more recent Siberian introductions.  By mutual agreement between Eartheart Gardens and Fieldstone Gardens, Fieldstone continues to expand their offerings of McEwen Siberians. Please contact them for their more complete listing of the older McEwen Siberians.

Eartheart Gardens continues to offer all of Currier’s Japanese Irises as well as introductions by John White, Lee Walker and Sharon Whitney

Please call or email us if you have any questions or would like to arrange a visit when we are home.   We invite you to check our website for changes and a listing of events.