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McEwen Japanese Iris

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CAROL JOHNSON: (2011) tetraploid, 32", M-L, 3 falls.                            $20.

This beautiful flower gives the overall impression of sky blue.  Blue falls are accented by violet standards and small rich yellow signals.  Strong tetraploid substance.

CENTENARY: (2002) tetraploid, 29", M-L, 3 falls.                                       $10.

A marvelous flower of a new red-purple color.  Flowers have 4˝" round falls of excellent semi-flaring, modestly ruffled form with a vibrant velvety texture.

DRAMATIC MOMENT: (1982) diploid, 34", M-VL, RE, 6 falls.                   $10.

8" red-violet flowers with dark veins and styles. 4" falls are enhanced by a light narrow edging. 2 branches, 4 to 5 buds. Bloom extends 12 weeks.


EASTER PASTEL: (2003) diploid, 34", M, 3 falls.                                      $10.

Reminiscent of a child's lavender and pink crepe paper Easter basket.  Falls and style crests are soft violet blue, standards and style arms are soft lavender-pink.

ENTICING GEISHA: (1997) diploid, 36", M-L, 3 falls.                                 $10.

Falls are light violet with dark violet-blue halos surrounding rich yellow signals. Standards are lighter violet. Excellent arching form, nicely ruffled.

EXUBERANT CHANTEY: (1990) diploid, 37", E-VL, RE, 6 falls.                 $10.

Dark violet blue.  A handsome flower, bloom extends 12 weeks.

FOURFOLD PINK: (1996) tetraploid, 36", EM-L, 3 falls.                             $10.

The 7" flowers have white standards and styles edged pink and wide, flaring falls of soft, medium pink surrounding white centers. Two branches.

HONOUR: (2001) diploid, 32", M-L, 6 falls.                                                $10.

This delightfully feminine pink flower continues to bloom for over a month. Has arching, overlapping, round and ruffled falls with tufted styles and standards.

HOWARD D. BROOKS: (1993) diploid, 30", EM-L, 6 falls.                        $10.

Named for our colleague in daylily hybridizing. 8" rich violet with delicate white lines, white styles with violet tufts giving the overall impression of velvet.

JAPANESE HARMONY: (1994) tetraploid, 32", M-L, 3 falls.                    $10.

7" flowers have violet-blue standards, edges contrasting with pure white styles and round white 3˝" falls, with greenish yellow veins. Two branches and 4-5 buds.

JAPANESE MARBLE: (1994) diploid, 48", M-L, 3 falls.                           $10.

The 8" flowers with a marbled pattern are rich violet-blue heavily splashed with white. Tall, graceful plants with 3 branches and 8 buds giving a long season of bloom.

JAPANESE PINWHEEL: (1988) tetraploid, 40", E-M, RE, 3 falls.             $10.

Dark wine red with distinctive white wire edge. Payne Award 1992

KATY MENDEZ: (1989) diploid, 28", M-L, 6 falls.                                     $10.

7" dark violet with very dark veins. Two branches. Vigorous.

MAINE ELEGANCE: (2009), tetraploid, 30”, M-L, 6 falls                           $20.

A crisp 8” white flower with violet-blue veins and white styles brushed with violet-blue; yellow signal.  Ruffled, arching falls and sturdy tetraploid substance.

MY ELISABETH: (2008), tetraploid, 32", M-L, 6 falls                                $10.

A lovely, delicate 8" lavender flower with a green-yellow signal. Dedicated to Currier’s beloved wife Elisabeth.

MUFFLED DRUMS: (1980) diploid, 36", M-L, 3 falls.                                $10.

Dark red-purple 8" flowers with darker veins and lighter edges.

OL’ MAN RIVER: (1987) diploid, 36", M-VL, RE, 6 falls.                           $10.

Medium red-violet, 7" flowers with bloom for up to 12 weeks. Two branches. Great parent!

PURPLE PLUS: (1993) diploid, 32", EM-VL, multipetalled.                         $10.

Round, 6" flowers with 9 petals, tufted styles. Outstanding compact form.
1-2 branches.

RASPBERRRY RIMMED: (1979) tetraploid, 36", M-VL, RE, 3 falls.            $10.

Large, ruffled flowers. Raspberry-red edged falls blend into white centers. First registered tetraploid Japanese iris. Payne Award 1983.

RETURNING TIDE: (1976) diploid, 36", EM-VL, RE, 3 falls.                         $10.

Lovely contrast of medium violet-blue standards above nearly white falls.  Fine plant habit and branching. Restful impression. Payne Award 1982

ROYAL BURGUNDY: (1989) tetraploid, 34", EM-L, 3 falls.                         $10.

Dark purple-violet with velvety sheen.

THOROUGHBRED: (1999) diploid,  38", E-LM & RE, 3 falls.                        $10.

Flowers exhibit powerful tetraploid substance and have ruffled, flaring form.  Dark purple standards have darker veins and fine white edges. White falls accented by vivid dark halos, 2 branches.

SEAWAY’S OUTSET: (1998) diploid, 26", VE, 3 falls.               Out of Stock.

White, ruffled, semi-flaring 6 ˝" flowers of excellent form. The earliest white Japanese iris to bloom in our gardens.

SIMPLE ELEGANCE: (1978) diploid, 36", EM, 3 falls.                               $10.

Lovely 7˝" flowers with wide, round, flaring falls of tailored elegance. Rosy orchid-pink overlaid with delicate, widely spaced darker veins.

SOUTHERN SON: (1990) diploid, 36", M-L, 6 falls.                                   $10.

7" round flowers. True medium blue. This was Currier's favorite of his blues.

VALERIE’S GIFT: (2008) tetraploid, 34", L & RE, 6 falls.                         $10

Crisp, white falls are accented by the green-yellow signal. It has tetraploid substance, round, ruffled form and blooms well in the August sun.

VARIATION IN PINK: (1996) diploid, 34", EM-L, 3 falls.                          $10.

Arching 7" flowers are carried on 30" well branched stalks. A soft, medium near-pink on day one, lightening by day three giving variations in color in the total clump.

WHITE PARACHUTE: (1982) diploid, 30", EM-LM, 3 falls.                       $10.

7" white flowers with 4" vertically ached overlapping falls.